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Welcome to the GRFDT database of the International scholars working on issues related to diaspora, international migration, transnationalism. The main objective of this database is to promote more interaction among the scholars to share ideas, research findings and promote collaboration to build a better knowledge platform globally. If you are working on the above issues. We will be grateful if you can register online by giving details about your research and publications. Also join our social networks to be more interactive with us (see details at

Aaron Terrazas

Migration Policy, diaspora

Abha Malik

Diaspora Literature, Hindi Literature

Abhay Kumar

Marginalization, Meo Community, New Media , Mobile and Sociology of Communication, Social Media and what people do with it, Technology Determinism

Abhishek Tripathi

Labour Migration, GCC, Migration Natwork, Indian Diaspora, International Migration, and Return Migration


Diaspora, Migration, Foreign Policy, Governance, South Asia

Adagba Okpaga

Comparative Politics of Development, African Politics, Politics of Indigenous Societies, Migrations

Aditi Jana

Diasporic poetry

Agung Setiyo Wibowo

Southeast Asia studies, human rights, culture and democracy

Ahmed Saad Aziz

Arab Diaspora , Feminism , Post colonial theory

Ahmed Saad Aziz

English Literature, Arab Diaspora , Feminism , Post colonial theory

Ajaya Kumar Sahoo

international migration, South Asian diaspora, transnationalism, religion and ageing.

Akhil Alha

Diaspora, International Migration, Labour, Migration

Akhilesh Ahirwar

Indian Diasporic literature, Queer studies and Postcolonial writings

Akhilesh Kumar Upadhyayis

Diasporic History and literature, Colonial writings, Political History, Socio Economic Contest of Migration, and issues of Communication

AKM Ahsan Ullah

International Migration, Refugee Studies, Diaspora

Alejandro Portes

immigration, transnationalism, urbanisation

Amanda Pinheiro de Oliveira

Immigrantion, Refugees, Latin America

Amandeep Kaur

gender based migration, migration of health workers.

Amar Maske

tribal migration, tribal health and communicable diseases

Amardeep Kumar

Higher Education, Social Justice, Aspiration and Labour Market and Migration and Diaspora.

Amba Pande

Indian Diaspora

Ambassador Nihal Rodrigo

Diaspora, International Relations, State Policies

Ambuj Kumar Shukla

Diaspora politics

Amina Hussain

cultural studies, women studies and Fourth World literature

Amit Singh

Indian Diaspora, Defence & Maritime, Southeast Asia and Southwest Pacific

Ana Margheritis

Migration Governance

Analiza Perez-Amurao

qualitative research, narrative methodology, migration, gendered migration, transnationalism, Philippine migration, diaspora, ELT, SLA, applied linguistics

Anila Noor


Anisur Rahman

Diaspora literature, West Asia, Remittances

Anita Sharma

American, Canadian, Australian, Afro-American and Indian poets and writers.

Anjali Sahay

International Relations, International Migration and Diaspora.


Research Interest- South East Asia: History, Language, Diaspora and Culture.

Ansari P A

Socio-economic Rights of Internal Migrants , Labour Rights , Human Rights , Minority Rights , Chils Rights etc .....

Anthony D’Costa

diaspora, political economy

Antony Palackal

Diaspora Studies

Anubhav Roy

military and colonial history, India’s foreign policy, Israel-Palestinian politics, ethno-nationalism, and the politics of culture.

Anushyama Mukherjee

Identity, diaspora

Aparna Basu

mathematical modeling of social systems, social network analysis, scientometrics and the diaspora

Aparna Malaviya

Refugee Studies, Forced Migration and Transnationalism, nation-State and Cosmopolitanism

Arsala Nizami

Peace and Conflict studies

Arvind Rana

Indian diaspora in Australia, Internal and international Migration,

Aswini Kumar Nanda

International migration, remittance, marriage migration, socio-economic patterning of out-migration, economic development and emigration, international in-migration into India, Punjab.

Atek Shuvo

Public International Law, International Investment Law and International Human Rights Law

Athira Prakash

Indian Diaspora, Trans nationalism, Subaltern Studies and Gender Studies

Atinder Pal Kaur

International and Internal Migration studies, Gender and Development, Cultural and Transnational Diaspora studies

Atwine Ambrose Bahiigi

migration laws, governance and human rights, gender, human resource management and Labour law

Audrey T. McCluskey

diaspora, African American studies, feminism

Awadhesh Sinha

Nepali diaspora

Ayushi Agrawal

Unpaid Labour, Informal Sector workers, Refuges, Gender, Caste

Bali Bahadur

Punjabi Diaspora, Dalit Studies

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